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ITTI Signs Game-Changing Agreement with Sportalent

ITTI Signs Game-Changing Agreement with Sportalent


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It’s no secret that as an industry, esports is growing at a tremendous speed. While some consider the market to still be in its infancy, its astonishing development has already made a big impact in recent years. 

As esports are continuing to take shape and attract more people, it’s also drawing the attention of media outlets, high-name brands, investors, and other stakeholders. 

With the introduction of new types of electronic sports tournaments in China, such as the world-famous ESL One and ESEA League, Chinese investors are now interested in pursuing new ventures in the industry.

The ESL One and ESEA League represent the best that electronic sports have to offer and have helped to change many people’s minds about esports. The fact that these events are broadcast on Chinese television will not only attract more viewers but also play its part in the sector’s continual growth both in China and on an international scale. 

All of this points to the fact that the electronic sports industry is going to be huge, and I’m sure its magnetic pull will continue to draw more and more people into its fold.

ITTI signs agreement with Sportalent

Unlike other training schools, ITTI will have an “in-house” headhunter as well as several collaborative agreements with sports recruiters, the first being with the agency Sportalent.

Advantages of working with Sportalent

Sportalent is a professional talent agency that selects experts for cross-disciplinary roles within the sports industry. 

  • Sportalent is the first sports headhunter in Spain
  • The agency has over 20 years of experience
  • It continues to be the country’s leader in the field.

We also want to highlight the experience of headhunter Laura Baza who, with ITTI Barcelona’s CEO Adriana Ros, signed the agreement between Sportalent and ITTI. 

Laura is a law graduate from the University of Barcelona and has lived in Madrid for 8 years. After finishing her studies, Laura specialized in the sports sector while continuing to take diverse coursework as well as complete several Masters’ programs.

She has had the opportunity to work in various roles within the sector, which has given her an all-encompassing perspective on the industry and its ecosystem. She currently works at Sportalent, which combines the fields of human resources and sports, two sectors that she is passionate about.

Speaking of collaboration, ITTI is the only Sports Management, Innovation and esports training school with an exclusive partnership with the Barça Innovation Hub, and its own talent recruiter to boot. Additionally, the esports Master’s is ITTI’s star Master’s program, which gives students the profile that sector professionals are looking for.

When it comes to Master’s programs like those offered at ITTI, sometimes internships and practicums are just not enough. That’s why ITTI has taken their academic programs to a whole other level by including internal and external recruiters from the best in the industry to give their students the edge they need.

Esports in Spain

Esports are now one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans worldwide. The growth of electronic sports, which has gone hand in hand with the increasing popularity of video games, has made its presence felt in Spain and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

The first esports championship final was held in Spain in 2015 with the League of Legends Championship. This tournament had approximately 7,000 participants and gathered 400,000 spectators who watched it on screen. In 2017, an edition of  «The International» (the most famous Esports tournament in the world) was held in Spain, and many other tournaments followed in subsequent years.

The best esports team

Esports are a fast-growing global industry with an international audience. It is the sport for the digital age, and there has been a dramatic increase in media coverage for its events. 

One of the most well-known teams is the Korean team Samsung Blue, which first won recognition in 2014.

Esports talent

To recruit successfully, you first need to know how the process of recruiting talent in esports works. In the past, scouts recruited people based on different skills and experience. However, with the rise of electronic sports, it’s now possible to hire talent on a much bigger scale. As a result, many companies are now recruiting players without experience in the area of electronic sports, a fact which has proven to be problematic because of the extreme difficulty in identifying players who are not apt for professional play. 

In an attempt to both solve this issue and maintain the integrity of the game, it was decided to make recruitment a more transparent process. Such transparency allows for an analysis of players and provides for more informed choices on who to avoid and which players cannot adapt to the style or strategy of a given team. 

Another consequence of this transparency is a recruiter’s ability to review the qualifications, or scores, of an individual player within a larger player by player framework, such as their wins/losses ratio and other performance data.

With these changes we hope to see more transparency and an improved method by which people can make better decisions about who they want to invest their time and money in. In some cases, a player you love to watch may very well not be the best option for your team, and you might want to cut your losses and drop them if your team is not meeting its performance goals in a certain game. 

All of this also works for those on the other side of the process. More transparency will also give players a much clearer idea of what their options are in the industry. One aspect of recruitment that has been developed over the years is the search for players based on certain statistics (think Moneyball). Such a strategy does indeed help teams make better recruiting decisions and, if needed, make the process of finding the right player for the job much easier. 

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